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At Oxytech Research, we strive to make your buying experience very smooth. However due to credit card fraud we only accept PayPal payment with confirmed address. If you do not have PayPal account with confirmed address WE ACCEPT CASHIER'S CHECKS  and MONEY ORDERS.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: SHIPPING AND HANDLING OUTSIDE THE USA is not included in Paypal. Please e-mail us your address for us to assign proper postage for your country. We will notify you of charges by return E-mail. We cannot ship unless you provide this information!

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The OxyTech special packages (see Steam Ozone Info Page)is a complete system for steam ozone that utilizes a proprietary cold plasma” ozone producing device, a high-quality steamer and a rugged, easy-to-assemble tent, (Due to the vagaries of supply and demand, we reserve the right to replace this tent with an equal or better tent when required. We are dedicated to assuring the highest quality components and materials available for the purpose. Under normal circumstances the steamer and all other components will be the same).   It provides a steady supply of activated oxygen and may be used in a clinical setting or at home.  It is constructed of the best space-age components so that there is basically no breakdown or erosion from the ozone.


You can see Ozone FAQ  for information on oxygen / ozone therapy principles or read the articles on our site at OxyTech Research for information on ozone therapy in general.  You will also find many good sources of information in the bibliography.   The full cost of the OxyTech Steam Ozone Packages are listed on Products Page in USD. ;   Shipping and handling will vary.

Outside the USA there may be additional shipping charges, please e-mail us for information for specific Countries (you must provide complete address including postal code when available)

For US buyers (ozone machines and packages), A “COMMISSIONING AGREEMENT" , is required. After compeleting the transaction on Paypal, you will be directed to a PDF commissioning agreement page, please print, fill sign and mail it (this must be sent by USPS first class). Please provide your mailing address and phone number etc.)  before we can build your package. This protects both parties under the US Federal Code of Regulations.     We will then build you this package or generator for  “experimental purposes”  only,  and, because of the present laws in the USA,  it is understood that we make no therapeutic or medical claims either stated or implied. The scientific evidence is replete and extensive and speaks for itself.  You have the responsibility of performing due diligence and taking responsibility for your own health.  We always recommend you consult with your alternative doctor or therapist if possible.  (please see Disclaimer)


We can accept cashier's checks, money orders and (all major credit cards through) Paypal, . We can accept any form of payment without Paypal but there will be a delay until the funds are actually received.  Since we only construct your device on the agreed upon basis, we cannot legally build and ship your unit until your funds have cleared.


The unit is complete and comes complete with all attachments , (see picture).   If you require more accessories as you go, we can either provide these to you or recommend a good source.  However, this package is a complete unit for steam ozone.


From the time we get your payment, allow from two to three weeks for delivery, (depending on our workload), to construct your package and whatever time it takes for shipping to reach you in your part of the world. 


There is a one Year warranty on parts and labor. Incase your machine needs repair contact us by phone or email for directions. (you pay shipping costs both ways if there is damage etc.).  Under normal usage,  there is very little chance anything will wear out.  It should last for a lifetime.   


If you have not already, and are considering this package, please request the “commissioning agreement” by e-mail or by phone. We can e-mail it or send it by regular mail, but must receive it by USPS mail.  Be sure to include full contact information, name, mailing address, telephone and best time to call.  I hope we have answered your important questions.   If not, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us and we will do our best to helpPlease read the articles on this site so you are conversant with at least the basic concepts of oxygen / ozone therapies.  There is a wealth of information we have culled out of the myriad sources for you. If you require a medical grade unit, you can email us in confidence and we will be discrete. Information on pure medical grade will be provided as needed and will require the completion of the above mentioned Commissioning Agreement to make it legal under the US Code of Federal Regulations. You can contact us directly at:


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