Ozone Therapy

A Layman’s Overview


Much has been written on this subject. Unfortunately, there is a lot of disinformation out there concerning ozone or "activated oxygen". This is always true of anything that threatens the profits of the status quo. No where else is this more evident than in war and in medicine. I hope you will perservere in your study of this subject and not let the rants of the vested and scientifically dishonest interests dissuade you from one of the most effective therapies known to man. Certainly, one of the pre-eminent writers on this subject is Ed McCabe.  But, there are many others the best of whom we have posted on this site,  the ones we feel are exceptional in their expertise, dedication, succinctness and clarity. (For a slightly technical but great overview, see Ozone In Medicine ) Also, for a brief, brilliant, down-to-earth synopsis, see article by Thomas Levy, M.D., Politics of Ozone Therapy Truth will out in the end. (Be sure to see FAQ About Ozone.)


But, it remains for some semi-technical layman such as myself, to explain in as brief and yet complete a manner, exactly what all this means.  It is a vast and daunting subject.  Some of you may have time to dither about studying the ins and outs.  However, some of you may be sick with some life-threatening disease like aids or cancer, or even some painful and debilitating malady like lyme disease etc.  Ergo, this short essay.  What it lacks in detail hopefully I will make up for with sincerity and practicality. Also, there are some excellent source links at the bottom of this page that you should at least check out, even if briefly.


First,  ozone is activated (energized) oxygen; (Basically regular oxygen is O2, that is, two oxygen atoms in a molecule form sharing some electrons so to speak. Naturally produced by Nature and by human cells, Ozone, 03 or triad oxygen is a highly unstable combination of 3 oxygen atoms that breaks down easily into O1 and O2. The O1 is highly active chemically and wants to combine with certain other atoms. Also, ozone can be O3,O4, 05, O6, O7, O8 etc. for very short periods).  It is not smog.  It is nature’s way of cleaning up and that is why it is so prevalent in nature. The O1 just happens to prefer things that are naturally harmful to man, e.g. anaerobic (oxygen-hating) pathogens and long chain toxic compounds, etc.SIMPLE TRUTH  Also, current research shows that our cells can and do actually make ozone as they do hydrogen peroxide.  These cells of ours are not so dumb.  They know what they are doing even if the big pharma companies would have you believe otherwise.  The basic principle to remember is that the microbial based diseases of mankind are caused mostly by anaerobic organisms that thrive where there is a lack of oxygen.


Ozone, an activated or energized form of oxygen, can be made in many ways.   UV (ultraviolet) is Nature’s way of using sunlight (photons) to bombard oxygen in the upper atmosphere to produce the ozone layer. (It has just been clinically discovered that our cells can make O3 (Ozone) when needed as well as H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide.)  UV can be useful to make ozone this way for air cleaning because it is cheap.  You use the air to make it.  However, something more is needed for medical grade ozone.  Most internal medical applications require the use of an oxygen tank of pure O2 unless the process has low heat, low humidity inside the generator and low frequency/voltage etc.


Tesla, the genius who gave us alternating electric current for our power transmission and many other modern wonders,  invented cold plasma ozone (This is very misunderstood. Cold plasma refers to the state of the plasma around the generating device not the means of generating the ozone. Low heat, low frequency/voltage is best and produces very little or no Nx compounds. If pure oxygen is used, ofcourse there are no impurities.).  It is the best way to make medical grade ozone mainly because;


1.               Pure oxygen was used from a tank (except in some external applications) for the most part because of limitations in technology and materials, etc. These problems have been solved and are available in some ozone generators like ours. Quality ozone generators that use cold plasma coupled with corona discharge etc., and generate ozone from the air are quite effective in most therapeutic applications, if constructed with expertise. It should be kept in mind, that when using any medical ozone device, one should be careful to use a humidifier through which to run the oxygen/ozone mixture because ozone is quite drying to the tissues if the application is internal, e.g. rectal or vaginal insufflation, etc.(Ask about our new steam-ozone packages and other special designs utilizing the cold plasma generation of ozone from the atmosphere and/or oxygen tank--amounts can vary from .5 gram to 1 gram per hour of ozone depending on the needs.) A good background on design is that of Merlin who has been quoted by Ed McCabe. See his brilliant story and two-part article at "Is Ozone Toxic?" and "Electron Healing".


2.                 There are no toxic compounds produced from the air etc.


3.                 The ozone generator can last indefinitely---there is no extraneous heat (as with hot spark, or breakdown  if proper materials, power levels, etc. are used.


The oxygen goes in from the tank and through the device.  One of our design lines, the MG Series Cold Plasma units which we build on the basis of a “commissioning agreement”, produces an ozone/air mixture (which is the ideal proportion for effectiveness and safety). With the flip of a switch, our other units like the MGB-1000 model can be converted to accept the flow from an oxygen tank.  This latter is defined as medical grade because it can be used internally with absolute purity.  With other methods of production like hot spark, other compounds can sneak in (although, for UV production, if done correctly, produces very little Nitrogen compounds if any).  The air or atmosphere is mostly nitrogen 78%, oxygen 21%, argon 1%, carbon dioxide in slight traces of 350ppm and some inert materials etc.  When hot spark generators make ozone (or some that are not specifically meant for medical applications and thus may have high voltage components), when introduced to humidity like in the lungs etc., they can also produce nitrogen compounds like nitrogen dioxide, nitric acid and nitrous oxide, etc.  A little of this is not too bad in outer skin applications, but it cannot be allowed in any internal medical situations where it may be going directly into the blood, i.e. autohematherapy, insufflation, etc. This is why it is crucial to always make sure the type of generation, whether it be cold plasma, quartz technology or some other, is not producing enough heat to create NOx compounds, especially if you intend to produce large quantities that will wind up inside your body! With our cold plasma designs you do not have to worry. All of our units are "cold plasma". (For clarity, cold plasma refers to the blue plasma gas that can sometimes be seen around the discharge area and indicates that the voltage and heat are not too high. It does not mean a method of producing ozone!)


Some manufactures claim their way of producing ozone is free of this problem. No doubt this may be true and quite sufficient for most external applications, e.g. purifying water and air etc. But, for most (internal) medical grade applications,  pure oxygen should be used in any case (or be sure it is very low heat/low frequency like our cold plasma) even if some other method is used to produce the ozone.  Cold plasma is the best method in our opinion and in Tesla’s. (It is always better to use pure oxygen source for any medical applications if only because there are so many toxins in the very air now. It is better to be safe. With sauna and other general applications, this is not so important since the transmission is not going directly into the blood, etc.)


For pure and internal use, our unit is portable yet sufficient for any application.  It can be used for any medical grade application.  It can be hooked up easily to an H tank (larger and less mobile tank) to provide plenty of ozone for a full body tenting for example.  Many experts believe that it is not necessary to utilize IV or injection to attenuate and treat aids, cancer, etc.;  that these can be dealt with very effectively with an assortment of modalities such as rectal insufflations, body tenting, steam and sauna with ozone, etc. Aids and cancer patients have attained remission using these methods conscientiously for 30 to 60 days with little side effects! (see article by Ed McCabe)

NOTE: It has been asked why we do not have dials and gauges etc. all over our device so that the flow of ozone can be exact. Basically, we want to keep it simple and inexpensive. The flow is controlled by the regulator. To control the ozone, some manufactures may add a variable voltage dial, but this merely reduces the per centage of ozone to oxygen. In most medical applications we have seen, there is no need for such "exactness' except to please the technoid tendencies of some who feel a need for these complications. We are always available to explain these things further. We want you to read as much as possible before commissioning any of our machines so you are somewhat educated and better able to take your own health in hand.


The basic concept is to “flood the body with oxygen” and ozone.  It is the total amount of oxygen and O3 (ozone) that matters.  It can be introduced slowly or more quickly.  Personally, I always believe the slow way is best due to the inevitable Herxheimer reaction (kill-off effect).  Going slow provides your body with time to get rid of the toxins and poisons that are the inescapable result of killing the bacteria, viruses, etc.  Of course, the ozone also helps to modify this by breaking down these chemicals so the liver and kidneys etc. can more easily throw them off.  But, there is always some elimination required, e.g. slow but steady wins the race.  (See  Detoxying The Body  for more info on synergistic treatment).


Simply then;  the ozone / oxygen mixture goes into your body or onto the wound etc. The O3 being unstable, (about a 20-45 minute half life in normal temperature), breaks  down to O2 and  O1.  Now, you know what O2 is already, oxygen, which is good.  But, O1 is the real worker.  It gets in there and starts oxidizing right away.  And what does it go for first?  Low and behold, most every germ, pathogen or critter that is harmful to man is anaerobic. That is, it hates oxygen.  The O2 and O1 go after these bad guys.  (See Ed McCabe's article)


The O1 is hungry chemically and very, very unstable.  It needs to combine with something fast and just like in nature where ozone cleans up, and just like in 100’s of municipal water facilities, (also, see the many industrial applications of ozone and water treatment) it goes after the pathogens and toxins, waste, etc.  You can see this with ozone’s younger cousin,  hydrogen peroxide.  If you have ever used 3% peroxide from the market to rinse or gargle, you know that it foams up in your mouth.  That is the freed up O1 blowing up the germs in your mouth.  The H2O2  splits into water (H2O) and O1 and you can see the effect.  You can put it on a cut and watch it foam.  The healthy cells are not affected because they have defenses.  The germs do not.


Also,  when using the OxyTech unit, you will get high forms of ozone like O8, O21,  etc. These all break down to water and O1 very fast.  O8, though, has some novel properties. It is made by running O3 through olive oil.  The O8 is more stable and allows you to get it to peripheral parts of the body without breaking down as fast.  It is also easier to breathe.  You always have to be careful about breathing too much ozone.  Birds can do it.  But humans have a limit.  This may be do to the toxic and mucus laden condition of our lungs these days, but care must be taken when inhaling ozone!  Nevertheless, the body likes it and needs it.  I have witnessed pure 3% ozone being injected into someone’s arm.  It did no damage and the person felt great.  The blood loves it and soaks it up with its hemoglobin.  It is not air. If you injected air you would die because of the nitrogen bubbles, etc.  We are not recommending injecting ozone.  This is just by way of an example that ozone is safe when used properly.


Ozone has been used to “cure” cancer and aids and many other “incurable” diseases in Germany for more than 50 years!  I can say this because it is true and demonstrable. Recently, Russia for the last 15 years and Cuba have joined the ozone ranks.  Only the US and other pharmaceutically dominated and health-challenged countries (read FDA) have refused to even look at the thousands of documented cases and clinical studies on ozone and oxygen therapies.  What else is new?  Who is really running the US health system, the legal drug lords? (When is it no longer just mass murder?  When do we call it war against the American people?  When will the politicians grow a backbone in dealing with this?)

Together with a balanced program, (hopefully designed with the assistance of your qualified health care practitioner), of diet and other complementary modalities,  ozone can save your life and keep you healthy.  There may be some unfortunate folks who have lost their immune system  by the current slash, burn and poison allopathic medical policy, but even they have a chance with oxygen and ozone.  Many are alive today to tell their stories.  I have met a few.

Ozone is not the only way.  There are other remarkably  effective cures.  But, it is one that is available and reasonably inexpensive.  And, it is natural, as natural as Nature.  It is what She does. Also, and maybe most importantly, ozone is so universally effective, that it can help when you can't get an accurate diagnosis, e.g. lyme disease, lupus, hepatitis C, etc. see Diagnosis X.   Please read the articles on this site especially by Ed McCabe and Dr. G. Sunnen.  Even if you don’t get it all, you will get what is important. Then, please feel free to e-mail any pertinent questions to us and we will do what we can always being cognizant of our disclaimer and the conditions under which we have to build the device if you need it.  Don’t be confused by the profusion of information about this subject.  Most of it is redundant.  You can get the essence by studying the articles on this site.  That is why we have put together this particular assortment.  We believe it is the fastest and best way to inform you at whatever level you may be.  May your 2006+ be filled with health, happiness and prosperity. Best.